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Holistic therapies, meditation and yoga are very important to Emma, who runs Remedy Green. They have helped her to love herself, be kind to herself and others, while embracing the present moment.

Emma's journey and experiences can help you build a stronger and more prosperous life.

Join The Transformation with Remedy Green

Many others have made significant strides in their life by following the practices and approaches delivered by Remedy Green.

Remedy Green Background

My name is Emma Greenaway, owner of Remedy Green.

Our studio is located in Wychbold, Droitwich which is also where I live with my husband Dan and our 2 beautiful children.

Remedy Green, in operation since 2010 offers Yoga, meditation, energy healing and spiritual advisory services. The therapies are like a form of counselling and within each one are a range of different methods to help you find your inner self and the strength to release what holds you back on your path.

We all come to a point on our life journey where we feel not quite right, whether physically, mentally or emotionally and unable to pinpoint why. The purpose of Remedy Green is to help you find your way.

The therapies will help you understand any physical ailments and why you have them, as well as why you may be self sabotaging your career or relationships. Whatever your concerns, the guidance will help you to find your answers and let the pain go.

What You Can Expect

In group sessions we work with meditation practices such as Mudras, mantras, Yoga Nidra, visualisation and Trataka (candle gazing).


We also do meditations themed to certain times of the year including the old Celtic wheel of the year such as Samhain, Imbolc, Ostara, Litha and Yule (Halloween, Spring equinox, Easter, Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice).


The phases of the moon such as New moon and Full moon rituals also help for releasing any internal manifestions,


On occasions, we go into the woods for dance or walking mediation to celebrate with the Gods & Goddesses of nature at important times of the year.



Remedy Green offers the experience you need to connect with your inner self. We have qualifications from the following:

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What our Clients Say

Louise Swindlehurst

Emma is extremely knowledgeable and experienced and always makes you calm and relaxed during her sessions. I highly recommend her.

Marie Corcoran

Fantastic experience with meditation and reiki healing - highly recommended. Emma is very patient and understanding, providing all the support when and where necessary.

Jenny Davis

Emma is a lovely lady who instantly makes you feel relaxed. Her therapies will change the perception of yourself and the world for the better and enlighten your life. 

Nick Pedley

I have been working with Emma for a few months now, from Rekki to assisted meditation. She is amazing at what she does, offering her tailored services to your needs.. 

Fran Higginson

Having attended Emma's groups and one to one sessions for a number of years, I would highly recommend her Meditation, Reiki and Yoga expertise. 

Kathryn Lord

I have been having one to one yoga with Emma for a number of years. She pushes me when I need it, supports me & relaxes me when I need it. 

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