What is Yoga


the mind, body and spirit

Yoga is expertise in action, an effortless flow state that everyone has the potential to experience. There are countless ways to achieve Yoga- be it through meditation, chanting, study, or physical movement – but the basic principles remain the same.

Yoga is a deeper connection within ourselves, a union with the forces around us in the world, and a balance in life that brings us contentment, energy and joy.

A well-planned practise of Yoga can not only help to ease aches and pains, it can also leave you feeling calmer, more energised, and more connected with life.

Reconnect With Inner Self

Over time, a regular practise of yoga can help you to recognise what you truly value, providing the tools you need to craft a life for yourself that’s full of purpose, passion, and joy.

Some practices are fast paced ‘fitness trendy’ practices and won’t offer the holistic approach to Yoga.

What you will find here at Remedy Green is not a means to sculpt a strong, flexible body, though this might be an added benefit through regular practice (and is a benefit of what is taught in some of the one to ones) but it is a chance for you to reconnect with your inner self and find balance within mind, body and spirit.


Individual Unique Journeys

The Yogic tools utilised by Remedy Green differ from person to person as each individual has their own unique journey, so what you require during your session will also differ. There is no, ‘one size fits all’ and each personal session is a connection to yourself not felt before.

Yoga is a commitment to seeking out your essential nature, the essential nature of the world and the universe in which we live. Yoga guides you to be here right now just as you are, just as the world is around you. Yoga does not ask you to be better than you already are. Yoga shows you that at your core, you cannot be better than who you already are and in time you will learn to accept yourself, shadow self and all!!


8 limbs of Yoga

Patanjali’s 8 limbs of Yoga and how this relates to Remedy Green holistic therapies.


Your integrity/truth, how you conduct yourself in life and treat others, relationship to yourself. At Remedy Green one of the first things we do is talk about you and you’ll this practice this at this first stage in your healing.

Niyama Yoga

Forming habits and self discipline. Once you have realised more about your true self in the session, you can set about forming new lifestyle habits/rituals and meditative practices that resonate with you.

asana yoga

The physical aspect of Yoga, delivered through self discipline and concentration. Explore where you are feeling ‘restricted’ in life through your body and the movements you practice, an important stage of spiritual growth.

Pranayama yoga

Translated as breath control, this technique is designed to gain mastery over the respiratory process, while recognising the connection between the breath, the mind, and the emotions. At Remedy Green we will explore many forms of Pranayama including Mudra and Mantra exercises, connecting the vital life force energy (breath) with the body..

Pratyahara yoga

Consciously becoming detached from the external world and aware of the external aspects of life yet detached from it. This withdrawal allows us to observe ourselves, go within and realise our cravings in life: habits that are perhaps detrimental to our health and which interfere with our inner growth. Energy healing with affirmation techniques can help to find balance here.

Dharana yoga

Once you have found the balance of being detached to external influences you can begin to concentrate on the internal mind. At Remedy Green, we use practices such as Trataka (candle gazing), Antar Naad (essence of sacred sound), Tarot card meditation and more to find a point of concentration. We use this tool to help you stay in the present moment.

Dhyana yoga

With an impressive state of meditative absorption, now you have the ability to focus your mind and have become detached to the physical distractions of life. You can reach a state of uninterrupted follow of concentration. If you came to Remedy Green and your main focus was stress relief, this is the stage of your therapy you will want to achieve. It does however, take a lot of strength and stamina to reach this state of stillness and is not usually achieved in your first session. With dedication & practice you will benefit at every stage of your progress and remember it is a life long journey of self discovery.

Samadhi yoga

State of Enlightenment, this part of your therapy is a place where changes have already started to become ingrained in you! This is the point where you will feel pure connectedness to the divine, to your higher self and interconnectedness with all living things. Life really will start to make sense but not perhaps in the way you originally thought, enlightenment can neither be bought nor possessed. It can only be experienced, through continual development and devotion, a way of life!

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