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The holistic therapies from Remedy Green aim to revitalise your life. With private and group sessions available, there is something for everyone. Our uplifting and unique meditation, yoga and other therapies could be just what you need.

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We’re here to help you find balance and connection with your inner self and love every minute of the journey.

Who are we?

Remedy Green, ran by Emma Greenaway, since 2010 offers Yoga, meditation, energy healing and spiritual advice services. The therapies are like a form of counselling and within each one are a range of different methods to help you find your inner self and the strength to release what holds you back on your path.

We all come to a point on our life journey where we feel not quite right, whether physically, mentally or emotionally and unable to pinpoint why.

The purpose of Remedy Green is to help you find your way.

Why is holistic therapy important to me?

Emma, who runs Remedy Green has never felt so content and at home with herself as she does right now. Holistic Therapy has taught her to love yourself, be kind to yourself and others and embracing the present moment.

Emma, has had an interesting journey with holistic therapy. See how she has progressed from being a fitness trainer to an experienced holistic therapy practitioner.

What is Yoga

While Yoga today is often referred to as a type of exercise/stretch class with the odd bit of breathing involved, what the word Yoga actually means is to find union, literally to create a ‘yoke’ between ourselves and the world around us, internally and externally, mentally and physically.


More Than Exercise

Yoga is expertise in action, an effortless flow state that everyone has the potential to experience. There are countless ways to achieve Yoga- be it through meditation, chanting, study, or physical movement – but the basic principles remain the same.

Yoga is a deeper connection within ourselves, a union with the forces around us in the world, and a balance in life that brings us contentment, energy and joy.

A well-planned practise of Yoga can not only help to ease aches and pains, it can also leave you feeling calmer, more energised, and more connected with life. Over time, a regular practise of yoga can help you to recognise what you truly value, providing the tools you need to craft a life for yourself that’s full of purpose, passion, and joy.

Yoga Benefits

  • Elevates mood, controlling anger.
  • Relaxes you physically, mentally & emotionally.
  • Lowers & manages blood pressure.
  • Decreases stress.
  • Working through subtle energy bodies within you helps to physically return body to its natural healthy pattern.
  • Awakens & unlocks your life force energy.
  • Clearing trapped emotions/traumas.
  • Reduces Insomnia & sleep disorders.
  • Prevents pain & injury.
  • Reduces panic attacks, stress & anxiety.
  • Reduces aches & pains/ arthritis.
  • Improve circulation.
  • Weight control & substance abuse (alcohol/ smoking).
  • Increase management of chronic conditions.

For all levels & ages

Remedy Green offer a wide variety of options, catering for everyone from complete beginner to veteran yogi. Whether you’re a ballerina or a builder, a lawyer or a chef – we are confident that our yoga will change the way you look at health, fitness and meditation.

Remedy Green’s adaptive and modern teaching style means that there is something for everyone, from your first time on the mat to those with decades of experience. Each class is sequenced in such a way that we start from the basics, laying strong foundations before building and layering to reveal complex methodologies.

Meditation for everyone

Private Sessions


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Feel free to get in touch with Remedy Green anytime.

Why Remedy Green


Come along to our home studio, which is easily accessible for Midlands based clients.


Sessions are affordable, offering our clients some of the most competitive rates in the Midlands.


Headed up by the knowledgeable Emma Greenaway, you have a wealth of experience to draw upon.


Passion is entrenched within Remedy Green, together with a positive and  proactive approach.


We aim for you to find each session inspiring, uplifting and empowering.


A two-way communication with our clients is important to deliver on individual expectations.

Comfortable Environment

Most of all, our goal is to make sure you feel safe and comfortable during every session. Our dedicated and open approach ensures you have a positive experience every time.


We Can Help You

Enhance self awareness
Lengthen attention span
Manage stress & anxiety
Help fight addictions

8 limbs of Yoga

Patanjali’s 8 limbs of Yoga and how this relates to Remedy Green holistic therapies.


Your integrity/truth, how you conduct yourself in life and treat others.

Niyama Yoga

Forming habits and self discipline, once you have realised more about your true self.

asana yoga

The physical aspect of Yoga through self discipline and concentration.

Pranayama yoga

This technique is designed to gain mastery over the respiratory process.

Pratyahara yoga

Consciously detached from the external world, observing our inner self.

Dharana yoga

Concentrating  on the internal mind after detaching from external influences.

Dhyana yoga

An impressive state of meditative absorption, with the ability to focus your mind.

Samadhi yoga

State of enlightenment, where changes have already become ingrained in you.

Read more on Yoga and Meditation terminology.

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What our Clients Say

Louise Swindlehurst

Emma is extremely knowledgeable and experienced and always makes you calm and relaxed during her sessions. I highly recommend her.

Marie Corcoran

Fantastic experience with meditation and reiki healing - highly recommended. Emma is very patient and understanding, providing all the support when and where necessary.

Jenny Davis

Emma is a lovely lady who instantly makes you feel relaxed. Her therapies will change the perception of yourself and the world for the better and enlighten your life. 

Nick Pedley

I have been working with Emma for a few months now, from Rekki to assisted meditation. She is amazing at what she does, offering her tailored services to your needs.. 

Fran Higginson

Having attended Emma's groups and one to one sessions for a number of years, I would highly recommend her Meditation, Reiki and Yoga expertise. 

Kathryn Lord

I have been having one to one yoga with Emma for a number of years. She pushes me when I need it, supports me & relaxes me when I need it. 

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