Private Sessions

Working one to one on your personal goals is often the best choice to help you achieve your personal objectives.

With Remedy Green you will receive undivided attention, so you can confidently progress physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Private sessions are ideal in the following circumstances:

  1. You don’t feel comfortable in group Yoga sessions, or perhaps you’re a beginner and want to gain some confidence first.
  2. Personal attention to specific requirement is important and you would like to deal with specific problems you are experiencing.
  3. Working one to one you get a more personal experience and enables you to build a close relationship with Remedy Green.
  4. Allows you the time to be fully in the moment working through ailments and finding the right healing process for you personally.
  5. Improving flexibility (not just physically!) and your well-being by learning new and innovative approaches in a one on one environment.
  6. Stress, anxiety, depression, or perhaps a loss in the family may mean a larger group setting is not applicable; it is a chance to work at your own pace.
  7. Seeks a more in-depth learning experience, and wishes to practise on a deeper emotional, physical or energetic level.
  8. If the group sessions timetable isn’t suitable, you can book sessions privately to suit your schedule.

If you have any queries about our private sessions, please get in touch with Remedy Green.

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