Why is holistic therapy important to me

Hi, I’m Emma Greenaway and I run Remedy Green. Let me tell you a little about why holistic therapy is important me and my journey of discovery.


Starting The Journey

I first began my journey in 2008.

I was working in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer when I visited my Mum who lived in Devon at the time, I attended a Yoga class whilst there and it all came flooding back. Years before I used to practice Yoga from a book in the loft at home and this class made me realise how much I really missed how it made me feel.

So, when I got home, I looked up Yoga teacher training courses and found a wonderful opportunity in Exeter to train with Zen master Julian Diazan Skinner (founder of Zenways Yoga). It was a 2-week course, fully submerged in Yoga & Zen practices. I learned so much on this course, not only about Yoga but about myself and met a number of amazing people who opened up my eyes to a whole new world.

Learning about energy centres within us (chakras) and our auric field, as well as working with colours and their meanings really resonated with me. It helped me develop my intuition and for the first time in my life I felt at home within myself.

Gaining Experience

Once I completed my training I was seeking somewhere to work from and found a new age shop called Crystals by Enchantment in Studley. Becci and Malcolm (Psychic Malcolm) who owned the business were so welcoming and became like family to me over the years.

Becci used to run workshops on psychic development and after finishing with my Yoga students, I would join in her courses for my own development. and in time this helped me come to the realisation that I had a gift of reading peoples energies.

I learned many tools of divination such as Tarot cards, crystal therapy, dowsing with pendulums, reading peoples auras & chakra balancing, I used to work at psychic suppers giving Tarot readings to people and helping out in the shop where I learned about Crystals and their uses.

I began to enjoy the energy healing aspect of this work and to further my knowledge, I sought out Reiki healing therapies.

Enhancing Personal Development

My hairdresser at the time told me of Janet O’Carroll who is a Reiki master Teacher in my local area, so I booked onto her attunement courses in 2010 and was blown away by how it enhanced my personal development. It showed me how people could open up to me and seeing the transformation of people who left feeling reenergised & relaxed, gave me plenty of motivation to do that for others. I just knew this was the job for me!

Over the course of a few years I then became Master Teacher myself and now run courses attuning others to energies for them, so they can pass on this wonderful gift to their family & friends.


Trying To Conform Was My Failure

From the age of 12 I had trouble fitting in at school and for years I just spent my time trying to conform, ultimately trying to be somebody else, I’d have to put on a mask to spend time around people and would regularly turn down events due to feeling so anxious.

Since 2010, to combat these feelings, I have attended spiritual circles which have made me feel much more at home in myself. Regular meditation, practising Yoga and self healing as well as giving to others has really helped me.

After a workshop I attended in 2015 (which was a form of mediation/visualisation) I found out my true calling, the path of Traditional Witchcraft and Shamanism.

This has given me the tools to learn rituals and work on myself daily and on my own unique journey. I have learned and continue to learn a wealth of ancient and modern knowledge, working closely with spirits and universal energies and being guided by my ‘higher self’.

I have never felt so content and at home with myself as I do right now!

This is what I love about ‘holistic therapy’, learning to love yourself, be kind to yourself and others, while embracing the present moment.

Blessed be.

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