Why drinking plenty of water is good for you

For most, water is not the desired drink you may go for, due to lack of taste, however, drinking water helps you to focus and concentrate better and to be more alert, so if taste is important, try squeezing a slice of lemon in it, or even try cucumber!
Drinking plenty of water daily also removes by-products of fat, reduces food intake (by filling up your tummy if you drink prior to meals), reduces hunger! (Try having a glass of water if feeling peckish, it might just satisfy your tummy!) raises your metabolism and has zero calories!

Drinking water will also flush out toxins in your body, reducing problems such as kidney stones & UTI’s giving you a feeling of being lighter & aids in digestion, preventing constipation.

It will also leave your skin feeling softer & younger, you may get comments of a glowing complexion!

So, fill your bottle, drink it warm or cold, with lemon, orange, cucumber or melon! Give it a try aiming to drink around 1.5ltrs daily & notice the difference!



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