Heard of meditation but don’t know how to start?

When a person begins trying to meditate, there is a tendency to think that you need to empty your mind of all your thoughts…. hmmm bit tricky? Relax and just focus on the breath – if you haven’t tried meditation before, focusing on your breath is a really good place to start.

Using the breath to meditate can help us create more space, be present in the moment, to become aware that whatever we are feeling right now will pass, that emotions are constantly changing.

Breath is an involuntary process, we are not in control of our breath, breathing just happens. Our breath is automatic, just as blood pumps through your veins, just as we aren’t in control of the weather or every single emotion that comes to pass. By focusing on the breath, we start to slow down and put things into perspective, giving us the realisation that sometimes it is better to simply let go and flow with the breath!

Using breath as your focus during meditation helps create a bit of calmness and in particular when you exhale, your parasympathetic nervous system starts to kick in. This is our mode which helps us feel more centred, relaxed, calm and content.

So next time you have a spare moment, try to just breathe!




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